My name is Paul Skelding.

I’m an author who has published one short story and I am developing my writing career.  I write fantasy, science fiction, contemporary fantasy, Asian-themed fantasy, urban fantasy and horror. I have one published short story, “The Goldville Alien” available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords as part of the quarterly anthology One Weird Idea by Glorious Dawn Press.

I’ve lived in China for the past 8 years.  I spent 4 years living in Beijing. 6 months living in Shenzhen where I got married to my wonderful wife. We became pregnant much faster than we thought and relocated to Tianjin in July of 2o11.  Tianjin is about 150 kilometers east of Beijing on the coast.

We have 2 sons who take up a lot of my time outside of work but I still manage to get some writing done everyday.

I’m currently working on my first fantasy series titled “The Irregulars”. It will focus on a unit of archer scouts assigned various missions during a war in a fantasy world. To use a Hollywood method to describe it – it’s “Sharpe’s Rifles meets Lord of the Rings meets the Dirty Dozen”.


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