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Glowing Coast Big thanks to Benjamin M. Williamson Photography for the heads up on the bioluminescence along the cliffs of Acadia National Park in Maine! After spending the weekend at the end of the coast of Maine, I finished out the trip by stopping by Acadia on Monday to see the sight with my own eyes. It was absolutely incredible! While the glow in the photo is brighter and much more blue than it was in person due to the limitations of human vision, and the fact that that camera can see more with long exposures, it was still intense to see in person and the photo doesn’t do the experience justice. The blue light is real, and is just about how my camera captured it, I didn’t do anything to boost the blue. My night vision was adapted enough to see the bright glow in the water as the waves washed over rocks, exciting the microorganisms in the water. For more detailed information on bioluminescence please check out Ben’s Facebook page and his photo from the same spot, he has a comment that explains bioluminescence emitted from dinoflagellates. This is a blend of 10 exposures for the sky and 2 foreground exposures. 10 shots for the sky were each taken at ISO 10,000, 10 seconds, f/2.8, and then stacked with Starry Landscape Stacker for pinpoint stars and low noise. The 2 foreground exposures were taken at lower ISO and longer shutter speeds for a cleaner foreground, 1 at ISO 1600 for 20 minutes and another at ISO 6400 for 2 minutes, both at f/2.8. The exposures were then blended in Photoshop to create a single image with low noise and sharp focus. All shots were taken with the Nikon D810A and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens at 14mm. To learn more about my Milky Way photography editing techniques check out my written tutorials and videos on my website, click the Shop Now button at the top of my Facebook page to go to my website. #Maine #Acadia #bioluminescence #MilkyWay #photography #LandscapeAstrophotography #night #stars #AdamWoodworthPhotography


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