Import Beer – Kaiserdom Kellerbier Unfiltriert

Hello again! I just came back from a short business trip to Beijing for some training. I bought a can of Kaiserdom Kellerbier a few days ago and was saving it for a quiet night at home after the wife and kids turned in for the night.



From Kaiserdom’s (German – Imperial) webiste –

In the glass a shimmering orange colour , on top a fluffy white foamy head with a compact consistency . This naturally cloudy beer has the discreet aroma of malt and freshly toasted white bread. A yeasty soft palate is caressed by an elegant sweetness which is finely balanced by a discreet hoppy bitterness. Kaiserdom Kellerbier is a typical Bavarian Beer , which is filled unfiltered and contains all the natural cloudy substances.

It’s a bottom fermented beer and  the can also notes that it’s a handcrafted barrel lager. I also noted the cloudy nature of the beer as described by Kaiserdom’s sommelier. It has a much stronger flavor the Hefe-Weisbier and a bit of an aftertaste. My stomach also made some interesting noises while drinking this beer and while writing this post I feel a little uncomfortable. It’s definitely the beer as dinner was many hours ago.

As usual my import beer scale is as follows –

5 – Great all around beer, will drink any chance I get money not withstanding.
4 – Good beer, will drink almost any time if no 5 is available.
3 – OK beer, will drink if no 4 or 5 is available or just for something different.
2 – Beer, it works.
1 – Don’t drink it, prefer anything to this… Tsingdao in China falls into this catagory.

Due to my stomach’s discomfort after drinking this I’m going to give it a 1 on the scale. Also the cloudy nature doesn’t sit well with me even though it’s nice to see something different when drinking a beer. Sorry Kaiserdom.


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