Chinese Beer – Tsingtao Augerta 1903

Today when I went to pickup some vegetables for the wife I grabbed a beer which at first glance looked like an import but was in reality Qingdao (English – Tsingtao) Augerta 1903. A quick check of wikipedia revealed that this is a select beer made by Tsingtao following their old brewing methods. Normal Tsingtao beer is made with rice and in the last year I stopped drinking it because the quality went downhill fast. I tasted a heavier formaldehyde flavor when drinking it which didn’t work for me at all.


The Chinese website for Tsingtao has no useful information about their beer at all.

So I visited the US import website for this beer and discovered some great information…


That’s great. But…

Tsingtao brew masters use some of the finest ingredients from around the world—yeast from Germany, barley malt from Australia, Canada and France, hops and rice from Western China and finally, fresh spring water from China’s Laoshan Mountain.

I visited Laoshan and didn’t think the water was any different than bottled water personally. I also didn’t think Laoshan Beer or Cola was anything special either.

But wait! There’s more…


In 1903, beer-savvy settlers from Germany and Great Britain founded Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao, China.

The first Tsingtao beer was served on December 22, 1904, most likely at a live kung-fu fight.

Tsingtao brew masters use some of the finest ingredients from around the world. But what makes Tsingtao Tsingtao is the fresh spring water from Laoshan Mountain, the same place China’s ancient religious belief Taoism originated.

Now that’s simply cool!!!

Anyway I did like this beer more than normal Tsingtao and more than the Kaiserdom Wheat Beer I just tried recently. It had a stronger barley taste and it was closer to a German or European beer flavor than any other Chinese beer I’ve tried.

I’m going to use my Import Beer Scale to rate this beer because well it’s mine and I can do what I want!

5 – Great all around beer, will drink any chance I get money not withstanding.
4 – Good beer, will drink almost any time if no 5 is available.
3 – OK beer, will drink if no 4 or 5 is available or just for something different.
2 – Beer, it works.
1 – Don’t drink it, prefer anything to this… Tsingdao in China falls into this catagory.

I’m going to give Tsingtao’s Augerta 1903 a solid 3 rating. That makes it the highest rated Chinese beer I’ve ever had!



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