Import Beer – Kaiserdom

One of my favorite things about living in China is going to one my local import grocery stores and trying out some imported foods, especially beer. Since June I’ve been sampling many different imported beers and learning about beer in the process.


Yesterday I tried a can of Kaiserdom (German – Imperial) Wheat Beer with Yeast. It’s a top fermented with 4.7% alcohol content.  From the brewer’s website –

Our beer sommelier describes the beer as: The golden yellow color with orange reflections is adorned with a handsome, solid foam, which has a creamy texture. It rises out a striking aroma of bananas. The fruity flavor is also reflected on the palate. Fine sparkling and refreshing at the same time, you seduced a full-bodied body with a delicate hop note in the finish.

I’m sorry to say I can’t taste the orange or smell the bananas but I definitely noticed the fruity taste. It’s a light beer as far as flavor goes and not unpleasant at all. I found it pleasantly different but it’s not something I would seek out to drink.

To rate beers I’ve invented Paul’s Import Beer Scale which goes like this –

5 – Great all around beer, will drink any chance I get money not withstanding.
4 – Good beer, will drink almost any time if no 5 is available.
3 – OK beer, will drink if no 4 or 5 is available or just for something different.
2 – Beer, it works.
1 – Don’t drink it, prefer anything to this… Tsingdao in China falls into this catagory.

Kaiserdom’s Wheat Beer with Yeast earns a solid 3 from me.



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