Great Firewall – Be Damned, Total Recall & Writing

China decided to update the Great Firewall on Dec 5th causing many of us foreigners living here big problems with our VPNs. We use a VPN to connect to a server in another country so we can browse Facebook, WordPress and YouTube etc. Well thanks to my provider StrongVPN I was only offline to 1 day and am now back! Screw off China Firewall assholes! This also means that I’m not happy with Xi Jinping’s start as the new leader of China and my suspicions are now confirmed. He is a ‘student’ of Jiang Zi Min (uber corrupt leader before Hu Jintao) and he is steering China in a more conservative direction which means more censorship. I will recall the Hu Jintao does with fond memory as my VPN worked very well. I still hold hope for the economy here (fingers crossed).

The wife and I saw Total Recall recently, I refer to the remake of course. While I still think Arnie’s version is superior I did find the new version’s world really well done. I thought the whole tunnel through the earth thing was cool and the depiction of Australia was really great, sort of like a primitive Blade Runner-like world with building hanging on long arms was great. Too bad I thought the rest of the movie sucked and they didn’t play up the is he a spy or is he a do-good-er . Sad.

The writing is moving ahead and I’ll be releasing a short story before the end of the month and work on my novella continues onward.


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