Looper and National Day in China

The Mrs. and I saw the new and brilliant sci-fi film “Looper” yesterday. It stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing the younger character of Bruce Willis).  My thoughts –

Whereas most movies these days try to grab the audiences attention by showing golly gee this is what we can do here with our whizbang CGI and 3D, Looper focused on where it matters most – the characters. They are far and away the best sci-fi characters in a long time, in fact better than Inception in many ways.

The dialogue is razor sharp and used in just the right amount. There isn’t a dearth of dialogue to explain time travel or for characters to justify themselves. The film doesn’t need it, and it’s better for it.

And my final thought is what I call “The Wife Test”, my wife who can enjoy a popcorn summer film and yet find flaws in it said “It was a great movie, better than Prometheus.” That’s high praise coming from my wife right there!  Only Inception drew such a rave review from her.  Right now I’d put Looper in my top-10 films of all time probably above Inception but not above Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It was that good for me!

Here in China we are in the middle of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day combined holiday, coz in China the government can just decide to move holidays around at will (we are the CCP!).  It’s good in a few ways for my family this year because I ended up with 4 days paid holiday leave followed by my normal 2 days off.  Also my son is 1 year old soon and he enjoys going outside and to restaurants quite a bit more which made lunch with the whole family more enjoyable this year.

I’m trying not to let the stupid hub-bub between Japan and China overshadow the holiday and just enjoy it.


One thought on “Looper and National Day in China

  1. Please contact me, Skyler thinks she has a lot in common with you and would like to swap email addresses.

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