750words.com and Nanowrimo

I now return live from Tianjin, People’s Republic of China.  The Great Firewall decided to block WordPress temporarily but now it is available once again.

I joined Nanowrimo for the first time this year.  The goal being to writing 50,000 words during the month of November. I am going to Nanowrimo my first fantasy novel Dark Archers – Chosen Men. So I am not able to work on the novel right now but I am doing a lot of development work on it including character descriptions and profiles, scene lists, synopsis and now I’m laying out the POV character goals for each scene.

I wanted to “train” for Nanowrimo in advance but couldn’t really think of a way to do that really well. Writing is obvious but I wanted something more motivational.  I had signed up for the great 750words.com but hadn’t really used it much due to being distracted by other important things.  For those that don’t know 750words.com is a free site for writers to build the habit of writing everyday. So the site challenges you to write 750words a day on the site. Award badges are issued for continuous streaks of writing and there’s a wall of awesomeness if you ‘win’ a monthly challenge. So 3 days ago I began my training schedule for Nanowrimo by writing 796 words on 750words.com. I was able to continue my streak writing 759 and 776 words respectively on the following days.  I earned a turkey award today for 3 days of continuous writing and 6 points towards my monthly total. I really feel energized to write tomorrow because I want to keep the streak going and also increase my points! I almost didn’t even have to think about writing today, after I finished dinner with my lovely wife I sat at my keyboard, logged into the site and proceeded to write 776 words in only 19 minutes which is also my personal best on the site. I didn’t even have any distractions which is something the site is able to measure.  These two extra pieces of information have strengthened my resolve and commitment to write 750words a day every day and then complete Nanowrimo next month.

I strongly recommend that any writer contemplating being a serious paid published author should tryout 750words.com.

Oh yes… my wife will give birth any day now…


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