John Scalzi – Fuzzy Nation

After struggling through the book in my previous post I pulled “Fuzzy Nation” by scifi great John Scalzi from my to read pile. I finished it in only 3 days which usually means I totally loved the book!

Fuzzy Nation is a stand alone novel and there’s some rumor about a potential sequel. Scalzi did also sell the movie rights. It is a reboot of the classic 1962 scifi book Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper who isn’t a household name for most of us fans.  I loved this book as much as all of Scalzi’s other work and it’s in a similar serious-funny vein.

** Spoiler Alert ** Don’t read this if you intend to read the book!

  I loved how Scalzi handled the protagonist Holloway, his character arc and story question for the book.  I expected Holloway to make a change through the course of the book and it certainly appears he will but Scalzi pull’s a twist on us. Holloway doesn’t grow in the sense of the traditional character instead he becomes aware that he is a guy who’s willing to break the rules and lie and that the fuzzies need him because he will do that.  The fuzzies provide Holloway with the “correct” motivation for his less than heroic acts. I definitely learned that I can have a flat character arc if it serves the story but I don’t think I’m ready to use this in one of my books.

Special Bonus – the 1st chapter is from the POV of Holloway’s dog! It’s great!

** End Spoilers **

  Here’s a funny and informative interview with John Scalzi on Unshelved.

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